A Latte Conversation with Giuseppe Bausilio

A Latte Conversation with Giuseppe Bausilio

By Amy Sapp

How do you take your coffee?
Light and sweet. Four sugars and half of the milk.

That's is a lot of sugar.
I mean, not four sugars all the time. Sometimes, I only will have three.

Describe your reaction when you were cast in Cats.
I render myself very lucky to be in a show like this one. How many times do you get to say, “I absolutely love what I do”? And how many times do you get to say you live everybody’s childhood dream of being a cat on a stage, singing rock songs, and dancing your life away? It is everybody’s dream.

What is a secret backstage at Cats that the general public may not know?
We all have our designated warm-up spots. We kind of established this during rehearsals.

Is it hard being the youngest cast member in Cats?
Yes and no. Yes because I am the youngest, and everybody treats me as the baby which is totally fine. And no because I have been the youngest cast member in the past three shows I have been in. I have kind of gotten used to it.

Are you going to be a cat for Halloween?
Maybe. I am still deciding. I usually go for the cheap masks, last minute.

What is your favorite costume from your past?
I have to say, it was a cat costume from when I was one year old.

You grew up starring on Broadway, first with Billy Elliot then Newsies and Aladdin. What is one piece of advice you would give to other kids on Broadway?
Keep learning. Never stop learning. It is so, so important. Know where you want to go. Know what you want to do. Maybe you have not figured that out yet, but as you learn more, you learn what you want to do more. Never stop learning.

When you were in Aladdin, did you ever get to ride the magic carpet?
No, no one gets to ride the magic carpet except for Aladdin.

Tell us why you were in Canada this past weekend.
I was doing promotions for The Next Step, a Canadian television show I was in. The Next Step is a television show about a dance studio. It is partially a reality show; it is scripted like Modern Family where you break the fourth wall sometimes and talk directly to the camera -- as in the audience.

What is one question you have never been asked in an interview?
I don’t like this one. I don’t know. This is making me think. Okay, my answer: “Do you want tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert with VIP passes?”

What is your favorite Ed Sheeran song?
I would have to say, “Give Me Love,” “Thinking Out Loud,” or “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.”

Getting serious for a moment, what can you tell us about your temporary leave from the stage?
I had a tumor in my back. It was between the L1 and L2, almost four vertebrae long. It was pretty scary. It was a benign tumor; it was a hemangioma. They removed it; basically I now am missing part of my spine. I am in recovery, and I started physical therapy yesterday. I should be back at it again in hopefully six to eight weeks.

Last question before we hit the rapid-fire questions. What was your reaction when you were cast in Hello, Dolly! for the spring?
Bette Midler. Hello, Dolly!. Broadway 2017. That is all I need to say.

Giuseppe, did you just recreate the commercial, verbatim?

Rapid-fire. Coffee or Tea?

Whole Milk or Soy Milk?
Whole Milk.

Sugar or Splenda?
Sugar. Specifically, brown sugar or agave syrup, if you want to be fancy.

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